Ariel Racing Association

Pearson Ariel

What We Are

The Ariel Racing Association of San Francisco Bay is much more than a one design racing fleet. Social, cruising and maintenance activities are conducted throughout the year. Our Spring Maintenance and Tune-up meeting is held at a local yacht club and is coupled with a great fun regatta -- top two finishers in ODCA races have a four hour handicap so everyone else can have a fun time.

What We Do

In the fall, we have another gathering and fun race. The Indian Summer Regatta and Barbecue is held on the Alameda Estuary, where winds are light and seas calm. Boats are required to leave their outboard engines in the well. This handicap helps the inboard models be more competitive. It's also the way most of us sail when not racing. No allowances for such things as barbecues, club jibs or hardware stored on the boat. Protest committee meets after midnight at the bar.

The annual meeting is held between November and February, usually at an interesting location. Offbeat yacht clubs have been popular locations, as have places such as the Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien and the aircraft carrier Hornet. This is another good social occasion for meeting other owners and learning more about your boat.

Cruising activities have included rendezvous at Angle Island, Clipper Cove, and China Camp. Longer cruises have destinations in such diverse places as Petaluma and Half Moon Bay. Check our current calendar of events to see when the next activity is planned.

Why Participate?

One design racing activities are an important aspect of Association because they contribute to better sailing for all Ariels and Commanders. It is in the racing area that maintenance alerts often arise giving early warning to the rest of the fleet. The racing fleet also develops sail trim specifications that can help make sailing an Ariel or Commander more comfortable on our windy Bay waters.

A major benefit of participating in one design racing is to compare your boat's trim and condition against other similar boats. All participants in One Design Class Association (ODCA) racing may race with only a 110% head sail. Spinnakers are not allowed. This helps keep our class racing costs down close to those of a well maintained cruising boat.

Joining us in ODCA racing also provides a good reason to get your boat out on the water at least ten or twelve times a year. It's usually hard to find that many excuses to go sailing. Current racers are very willing to help you get started and most would be most happy to have you come along on a race to learn more about this activity.

How To Join

For more information on ODCA participation, or to get ride, please contact one of our officers. And check out our current and past season champions.