About the Pearson Ariel & Commander Yacht Association

Who We Are

Pearson Ariel

The Ariel-Commander Yacht Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, enhancement and promotion of the Carl Alberg-designed, 26- foot Pearson Ariel and Commander sloops.

What We Do

Association volunteers maintain a roster of yachts and provide a clearing house for maintenance and hardware information. They also provide experienced-based information on tuning and trimming for performance, and on how to have a comfortable sail.

Membership & Racing

Membership in the Ariel Association is open to all owners, crew and other interested persons. There is an Annual Membership Meeting, held in the late fall/early Winter in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is also a two day Spring tune-up and maintenance session, one or two Summer cruise activities, and occasional social gatherings.

Membership in the Ariel Association qualifies Northern California owners to participate in one-design class racing under the Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay. There are ten or more races during the Summer season and starting any five or six qualifies your boat.


The Ariel Association publishes an owners manual and maintenance guide. A newsletter is published three to four times a year, and there is an annual roster of all yachts and their owners. Full members also receive a copy of the Association By-Laws.

Please register your yacht with us by completing the registration form. And please accept our invitation to join the Ariel Association. If you have any questions or wish more information, contact our officers.