The Pearson Commander


CommanderSporting the same hull as the Ariel only with a longer cockpit, shorter coach-roof, and less head-space in the cabin, the Commander is sometimes referred to as the "Spartan" variation. Designer Carl Alberg owned a Commander himself (The Alma, hull #302). Pearson built 310 of these boats, sold from 1964 to 1967.

Like the Ariel, the standard boat included an outboard well, but an inboard Atomic 4 was available as an option.

Carl Alberg designed the Pearson Commander as more of a day sailor with its roomy 9 foot cockpit and its delightful sailability. The larger cockpit results in a smaller cabin with sitting head room only, but still providing berths for four. The design looks a bit like an Ensign only larger. The boat was and still is quite affordable selling for around $5000-$9,000.

Pearson Commander was a featured boat in the May 1999 issue of Good Old Boat Magazine.

The Basic Specs

  • Length Overall: 26"
  • Waterline Length: 18'-5"
  • Beam: 8'-0"
  • Draft: 3'-8"
  • Displacement: 5400 lbs.
  • Ballast (lead): 2500 lbs.