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Carl A. Alberg

Carl A. Alberg (1900-1986)

Carl A. Alberg was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1900. Over the course of his life he designed over 50 boats.

"Contrasted to the modern IOR boats where you have six gorillas sitting on the weather rail with their feet hanging outside trying to keep the boat upright, my boats are strictly family-cruising boats. In all my designs I go for comfortable accomodations and a boat you can sail upright without scaring the life out of your family or friends. I gave them a good long keel, plenty of displacement and beam, and a fair amount of sail area so they can move."

Carl moved to the U.S. in 1925. He settled in Lynn, Mass. where he worked as a rigger and spar maker before being hired as a designer by John Alden.

Pearson got its start in 1959 after Carl met the Pearsons, Clint and Everett. Carl asked them if they could build a boat and the all-fiberglass-hull Triton was the result. In 1961 Carl designed the fiberglass Alberg 30s built by Kurt Hansen at Whitby Boat Works. After that he designed a string of boats, almost 1 every year, including the Ensign, Bristol 27, Cape Dory Series, Pearson Ariel and Commander.

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