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    Pembroke Ontario Canada
    Good.....no...Great.....no.....totally awesome to hear from ya!!



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    WELL WELL WELL: Tomorrow 12/3/2020 at 8:20, Carol Hasse' and Chris of the Spaulding
    Boatworks will have an open line of some sort and will (she is in Port Townsend and Chris
    in Sausalito)..

    We've had near freezing temps in the mornings..
    and along with spiking pandemics, all kinds of businesses dying, devastating wildfires
    [26,000 homes], unbreathable air, 8 months getting the mast together, near fascist
    gov't takeover..
    Hope it goes smoothly, ha!

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Surprised to find out that a hero of ours, Larry Pardey died 7/27/2020.. RIP.

    Saw Lin, Larry and Talesine at a boat show maybe 10 years ago. They were
    holding forth down below in their famous LyleHesse cutter. Got into the
    cockpit, looked through the c'way, recognized them in what seemed like a
    tiny dark tunnel of sturdy woodwork, gear and gloom. Had my chance, but
    never went below.

    Thank the gods for our bright and cheerful plastic cruisers.
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    Great to hear things are progressing and yes, what a totally crazy Year!
    Stay safe Ebb
    Pictures please

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    I know I've checked in between now and back when the first 'new' pics were posted, dunno how I missed them, but - ALRIGHT! Way to go Ebb, she is looking fantabulous!!!

    And of course I'll join in the hue and cry - more pics please!

    I wish I was close enough to come help you straighten out both the typing and the picture posting issues. It is very good to know that you and Lil Gull are still in the hunt, though. Fingers crossed, good lord willing and if'n the creek don't rise - here's hoping next year gets a lot better somehow, despite how it looks right now!
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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    Kurt, Pardon me for not knowing if you are still active on the water..
    I've gotten old in years and with some problems that come with it.
    But I'm brave, and Lilgull will outlive me.

    Thus I INTEND to get Lilguil sailing. Her mast has been s l o w l y
    (7 months, and totally aware of our plight) altered to accept a
    Solent stay and a Code Zero. Yesterday 12/2/20 the rig was
    measured by Chris with Carol Hasse' on the phone for the better
    part of the morning. I was a spectator, altho I wouldn't have
    minded 'holding the other end of the tape'. BUT it's done!. Can't
    wait for the exciting invoice!!

    [The miracle will be heading out the Gate toward Hawaii.}

    I wish I had your help, really do.

    Here I am 'homeless' , a candidate for assisted living, and the
    idiots still haven't figured out to keep the old folks alive! (news:
    outbreaks of 60/80 patients in separate unconnected facilities)
    And that's just local, because the media seems as incompetent
    reporting whole news, neutral news. Since the assisted are
    waiting to die, Their diet, their food is probably incompetant
    and indifferent, health is not on the menu.

    Incompetence is pandemic. I'm no different. Indifference has been
    made popular, 70 million people voted for it, I have never forgiven
    the german's adoration for Hitler. It has happened again.
    What's in Hawaii?

    Bill wants interior shots. But stopped because I want help from Jose
    (a former Specter employee worker here at Spaulding) who has
    experience in Spectre watermaker setups. It has a lot of parts that
    need location experience in ting cabin. And what the hell is Ebb doing
    with a desalinater anyway?

    Had beautiful set of hard stern rail made with the idea of hanging
    SunPower flex panels from. Hard rail will go as far as the cabin
    with new bling stanchions attached to the 'bulwark', rather than
    the deck.

    Been working with a genius down the street here to figure out how
    to hang the panels (create a light aluminum frame for each of four)
    from the tube rail, to allow the 110w panels to be aimed at the sun
    while balanced horizontally on top tube, and carried vertically, and
    fairly easily removed when trouble is brewing.

    And cohabit the solar with an epropulsion electric 9.9hp OB (HongKong)
    -- powered with their own 48v lithium. Look it up! They have produced
    the 9.9hp equivalent (motor in water behind the prop like Torqeedo)
    electric/lithium 65lb OB that Torqeedo forgot. Torqeedo's Cruise series
    are trolling OBs, meant to go slow. Epropulsion's so-called Navy 6.0 can
    push a displacement sailboat with it's low pitch prop, but also plane an
    airboat with a high pitch. The OB is cheaper but the batteries aren't.
    $12,000 min, motor, accessories, four 48v batteries matched to OB.
    (dream-on McDuff..)

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    Winyah Bay, SC
    Hey Ebb -
    Yes, still living aboard, still have "Katie Marie" and though she's lain fallow for a few years while I've been living aboard larger boats, she's still and always my favorite, and I've been aboard her at least weekly in this meanwhile thinking dreaming plotting, trying to figure out how best to make her the "One and Only".
    To that end I'll be starting to put wood and resin back into her this month, the beginning of her resurrection. I'll post something up over in my thread about that soon.
    Looking forward to hearing more about Lil Gull!
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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    San Rafael, CA

    Have to mention that. Because that labor thing is costing a bundle.

    If indeed I do go cruising, some chain will be necessary. Haven't got
    a winch and don't have room for one, and it's too heavy to add to
    all that junk up front just to have a light air sail, and the chain. !@#$%&!.

    COMPUTER JUST ERASED THE WHOLE DAMN POST !@#$%^^&&*(((^$!@@#%^&*)(*^$##%!!
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    Nice you have your sails!
    Simple advice:
    Don’t overthink it...
    “Gitterdun” and get cruising!


    PICTURES !!!


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    Hey Frank, yer on point.

    and it actually just erased a singhle line
    to hell with it - see you soon

    up top on an address bar in front of the pearson address
    it says site is Not Secure
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    Just had this post ERASED mid sentamce

    and removed from the site

    it's not me and not the computyer

    adios amigos

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    Hmm. No one else seems to have these problems . . . . Are you still on the plantation's network?

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    I'm hunt and peck. Think this computer just gets tired of waiting
    (It just erased a second line here) I touched nothing, except the last letter.

    It may be the mouse.

    It's a death algorithm. Robots are taking over. Humans are illogical

    It's time to make a move. But climate change will get them too

    When we both are gone there will be no problems

    Cockroaches will rule, Monarchs and bees will come back

    But all the yachts will still be in the marinas - waiting
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    The HARDEAILS have been installed on litlgull (who's varnish I've abandoned
    and the boat looks horrible. Just went back a year in my inbox and found
    a couple great photos by Mike Klass of Tom Heering's rendition of one side of
    the rails.
    The pushpit really is two three-legged curved corners with the center open.
    The stanchions here have bases that bolt thru the deck.
    All sheer stanchions now have welded 4 bolt vertical bases and moved off
    the deck to the toe-rail bulwark. Chris at Spaulding insisted on full bronze
    matching square plates for the exposed outside. Less bling when they green
    over with benign neglect .
    It would be most appropriate if the comfortable looking shop at White Water
    Marine where Mike took a couple of first photos of Tom's masterpiece were
    right here in these pages.

    Getting rid of the wishbone bowsprit has caused a cascade of problems how
    to support the anchor roller far enough forward and the Facnor tube bowsprit
    likewise extended forward of the stem fitting. My intuition is out of
    commission. The Facnor has to come from France (via Tunisia). Only UPS
    can squire foreign purchases thru the morass of foreign boundaries. Haven't
    even seen it yet

    The old Pulpit forward legs are taking up too much real-estate. Have a mockup
    of the a.roller and it needs wiggle room to point chain and line down the aisle,
    because the idiot skipper put a Bomar hatch in the front deck (into the
    forepeak.) Keep smacking into unfortunate good ideas I had.. Have no-one
    to humor me, I mean to fling ideas around with. I'm now in the old man box.
    No back patting, when folks reach out it's under my arms they reach for,
    looks like FredFeeble needs help keeping upright.. Probably does.

    Tom Heering's rails are incredibly gorgeous, right up where craft becomes art..
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    We've used this forever. Glue mock-ups into 3D models. Recently in the hardware
    went to the blister-pac wall to get a couple of those syringes of usually clear 2-part
    you squeeze out small amounts and quickly mix together. The Devcon's are gone.
    I bought the last one.
    We have to cut the nozzle ends off with the pocket knife. Never sure where to cut,
    and the cut is never precise, And since the nozzles are placed close together on
    the tube, the double stop plug is small and hard to handle. Easily get them mixed,
    weld the cap on. One side was always clear and runny, the other is thicker, has
    a bit of color and harder to squeeze a matching equal worm.
    Always try to mix with a flexible 1" putty-knife. If the weather is hot you have 2
    of the 5 minutes.
    The more liquid mixes get more runny when they heat up chemically. You have 2
    seconds to save your mixing knife from near permanent encapsulation. The runny
    stuff really is useless for model building. But use it anyway because you don't use
    pressure to get a bond. It comes so conveniently packaged. Like icecreme on a stick.

    During the same week went back to the same blister-pac display only to find the
    last Devcon was really the last. Suddenly, now replaced with LocTite ounce syringes,
    none 5 minute. One 'extended time', which I got, and later read the package only
    to find it was a 1 hour set, 3 to get hard. Plenty of time for the glue to run out..
    Could not get the cap on the nozzles.

    And, I will never buy the Grizzly 5-minute again -- because the cap is tiny and not
    sided as most are to plug the right hole without a magnifying glass. I couldn't
    get the plug in nor over the holes -- wiped off the mess with 91% isopropyl alcohol
    and stuck bluetape over the end. Works just fine, but it has to stick to the plastic
    film label wrap. HOWEVER, IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY..

    Into this picture steps PC-Super Epoxy. PC has been around for 100 years. Not
    known for 5-minute glues, altho they have a bunch of glues you might look into.*
    The 1/2oz-1/2oz double tube I'm about to describe has no wrap around plastic
    label that slides off when you pull back the plunger. You have to do this little
    rule after you squeeze, everytime, Sucking the liquid back with the plunger
    keeps things neat. P.C.S.E has no film label wrapped on the tube.
    * one of which is a cold weather 5-minute epoxy!

    Most surprising: the two nozzles are ALREADY OPEN. - you are instructed to
    grasp the tab at the end and twist 1/4 turn. pull the stopper out of the recess,
    voila, beautiful precise clean holes.
    More: the glue is a paste. Both sides are the same consistency, worms extrude
    equally. one is whitish, one is bluish, mix until one translucent mass, you
    are clued when you've mixed enough. Since it has body it's easy to control the mix.
    Use the mixing knife to mound it on a joint edge, lay/prop pieces together, no drip,
    no sag.
    Pull back slightly on the plunger. (Have a Q-tip handy to pluck out any dribble.)
    Put the stopper back in the tube and twist lock-it. Nobody else has this. It's
    beautiful. But you see, since it is a soft paste, it's not going to dribble out at all.

    And not lastly, the set time is extended 15 minutes. Quite the right extension for
    a relaxed episode, depending on the temp.
    It's MadeInAmerica, flag and all. There are excellent non-political reasons why
    these days that's a good thing. At the hardware, most of the tools come from
    China. You want the jobs here at a living wage.

    Bit more: the clear plastic blister covering the syringe on the card is very thin
    making it easy to slice the tool out of the package. Often a dangerous fight with
    a utility knife.
    Altogether a 5-minute epoxy that's really unique, thoughtful, intelligent, in that
    it's the way 5-minute epoxy always should have been presented. Finally!
    As it says across the top of the package: FIX YOUR THINGS PC

    Ebb is in no way connected with this company. I'm trying to celebrate an old
    product that finally has put a bunch of consumer friendly ideas to work to make
    it almost entirely new. You may find the product wanting. I thought the package
    showed a lot of real innovation, all the useful little things, all coming together
    in a fine upgrade of an old product.. what a relief!!
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    In the water

    Litlgull splash. New rails are substantial but will be used to hang solar panels to power bats for electric OB, water maker.. no fossil gospel..
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