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Thread: rudder project

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    Question rudder project

    Help, I heard that someone may have the drawing for the Ariel rudder? My rudder got damaged in a storm last season. Or could someone send me the dimensions. Also, the pin holding the rudder on the bottom -is that inserted in the wood or attached to it? And last, how is the rudder held down? There seems to be some type of clamp half way down the rudder connecting the rudder to the keel. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you, Peter Booras Ariel 171.

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    Please review the rudder & rudder shoe discussions before asking questions . . . the threads are tacked at the beginning of this forum.

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    Hi and welcome Peter!

    In addition to the 2 threads Bill mentioned:



    You may want to look through this one. Chance did a top notch job making a NEW rudder:


    Also, as Bill mentioned, if you enter "rudder" in the "Search" at the top right of the screen, I'm sure you will come up with enough reading to get you through next Fall.

    And by the way, we like pictures around here. Not only to they help the very knowledgeable members on the forum diagnose problems and and come up with ideas, but we just like to look at our boats. I wonder if there's a sticky on how to post pics?

    Also, Tim M. did some extensive work on his rudder shoe and keel on A-24. Good stuff!

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