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Thread: The album of Ariel #422

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    @Kurt - Someone sounds cranky and show us some more pics!
    @Tony - Look at the pot calling the kettle black. Ditto on the pics ...and stay warm!
    Totoro (Sea Sprite 23 #626)

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    cabin liner

    Don't know if you are seriously thinking about removing the liner.
    Here are some ebbsters on that subject (without any how-to's!!)

    When A338 had the cabin opened up, the V-berth area, which has no liner, had to be
    spiffed up. That was a PITA. Took a large amount of prep, filling, fairing, and sanding
    to get it presentable - even tho it is a pretty small space, it's also an awkward space,
    with !@#$%^ overhead! Do the whole cabin to a aesthetically presentable condition would
    be daunting. PRO, with the liner, it's already a fairly nice smooth!

    The liner was put in by capturing the ends under the bulkheads, like it's smuuched on top of
    the compression beam, likewise under the bridgedeck.... have to cut it out. Just cutting it
    out of the accommodation will be a real treat. But, it's not more than 1/8" thick.
    It must have been a PITA for the guys at Pearson to put it in! A338's liner was jacked up
    crooked. Not impossible to deal with. Everytime you put a hole in it, you're in for a surprise.

    Some PROs: The empty space between the cabin molding and the liner provides an extra
    layer of insulation. There may be condensation inside (unlikely under the top which has a
    balsa core). Yes, along the coach sides, but the sides are mostly 'glass' anyway.
    Side decks are cored, and the liner is somewhat tight to the deck there.

    Using the liner around the windows to create a hidden internal frame around the windows
    will remove the flex from the sides...and consequently stop the leaking there. But Pearson
    designed the stupid windows to capture the liner and sort of clamp it close to the cabin
    with the window glass floating in the space between. Doesn't work, does it? because the
    liner is not in the same place all around the cut outs.
    Squeezing a gel mix that contains chopped fiber in between the two moldings means it will
    no longer be squeezable - this may mean that when reinstalling original frames the tiny
    #4 machine screws that dead end into the inside frame will probably not work anymore.
    Forget how much bury in the frame there is for that connect, but not much, like an 1/8".

    Ruminating on that fastening system, it isn't hard to imagine these porch windows blown
    out by a half ton green comber*. So another window system may have to be devised.
    The PRO on that, imco, is to spend time, $$$, and energy there to solve the problem by
    USING THE LINER AROUND THE OPENING TO HELP. Obviously no more leaks into the liner.
    A338 has slab-on 3/8" lexan now, with NO fastenings (the ones all around the lens) showing
    inside. If there was time I'd do it a little differently now....but essentially feel our large
    lights - that I particularly like (sacrosanct!) - will now survive... anything.

    Another PRO is that when attaching fixtures like rails outside, you can use the liner to create
    hidden hockey puck backings for individual fastenings. So instead of a block of wood, a fender
    washer under a nut will do. Depending on how much space you have between the moldings
    (no surprise it'll be different in every boat) could figure out how to install the nuts so they
    don't protrude below the liner. Which is something my skull appreciates.
    The cabin's primary laminate is substantial...like 1/4". Plenty strong enough for railings without
    backing plates. Winches are something else....yet on the cabin top the pull load is horizontal.
    So I don't believe a huge chunk of backing is necessary.

    A338 has its inside handrails below the windows. The fastenings are hidden from the outside,
    nothing shows, couldn't have been done without the liner. The rail is closed, so that it becomes
    a narrow tray....to collect condensation!

    Not to say that this couldn't be done with wood trim, ie fastening stuff thru the cabin molding
    - sans the liner...
    Of course I've never seen what the cabin looks like with the liner removed. Maybe it'd be a
    piece of cake to doll up - and given how small the cabin living space, bet without the liner it'll
    be a noticeable improvement.
    .................................................. .................................................. .......................................
    As delivered, our vessels were/are wet boats. If condensation is to be an upgrade, exposed
    interior parts of the hull have to be insulated. Another chunk of time and money.
    .................................................. .................................................. .......................................
    *Have heard it said - and it is plausible - that windows are taken out by water action on the
    lee side, boat leaning over in rough weather, rather than by greenies coming in over the bow......
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    Well, when I got up this morning, I had no idea that Katie would be "liner-less" by the end of today.

    She's halfway there, as of this writing. Had to take a break, hot work on an almost windless day!

    Not sure, but thinking I may reuse liner on cabin trunk sides, trimmed away from the overhead and aft end, then glassed back in to strengthen the cabin trunk sides. Not as much material there as one would expect, given the rest of the boat.

    Anyone wanna buy a set of frames/windows that are in pretty good shape?
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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    Nice to see Katie back getting attention!
    Regular updates and pics please 😄😄

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    (Is "Go Advanced" reply option not working for y'all? It isn't for me... Now I have to re-type my answer, grrrrr. So now it's shorter than it was before.)

    OK, now I see it saying it took me too long , gave me an "Expired Token" error. Wuzzat? I ain't quick enough at these, I guess.

    Pics: well, now, on top of the above, it is asking for a URL to the pics, and I cannot upload them. I guess that it will have to be in a thread at PlasticClassicForum, since only "Quick Reply" works for me here. :/ I'll post a link later today. But I did get it all removed yesterday, the second half of the job took 1/4 the time of the first. Is that a Law, like Murphy's?
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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    Kurt, if this helps:
    To get to talk here, Post Quick Reply does not function for member.

    I have to use the Go Advanced box to get in here on your thread.

    When composing:
    when I hit 'edit' I get this full width (long line) page with Save in a box
    -- followed be Go Advanced in a box -- followed by Cancel in a box -- bottom right
    all in a row.

    Save takes me back with original text and new text changes to the public post page.

    Go Advanced takes me to a half column EDIT page that has access to the smilies.
    One set works for the title of the post. The other, icons can be used in the text.

    As a member, the Quick Reply box does not work when I want to reply to your post.
    Have to use the Go Advanced to be able to post or discuss.
    I don't believe if you are in 'guest' mode that you can be in here.

    It's "always" been like this. But maybe is an anomaly unique to Bill's V-Bulletin.
    I will now go to Submit Reply!

    Relationship with computer is personal. Reboot both on screen and manual.
    Are you still 'signed in'? Dunno nothin bout pooters, this is only from experience.
    Did you by mistake hit 'Log Out' (top right) last time?
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    Howdy Ebb - Apparently, it timed out on me, I took too long without an input or something, so then when I tried I was denied. If I hit "Reply" at bottom of last message, I can get the full Advanced response screen. It is a vBulletin thing I reckon, and I am more used to SMS and phpBB Forum softwares, yes.
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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