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Thread: Headsails

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    Catalina 25 tall rig head sail

    I just Acquired a new roller furling headsail cut for a Catalina 25 tall rig:
    Luff= 30'
    leech= 28.4'
    Foot= 16.9'
    The dimensions are nearly identical to the Commander's #1 genoa;
    luff = 30'6"
    leech= 30'3"
    Foot= 17'
    The shorter luff allows for the luff lost to the furling unit and the shorter leech brings the clew up to where you do not need to move your block when under shortened sail
    The sheeting angle is perfect and the boat sails very well under it. Visibility is also excellent with the raised clew.
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    Curious what the dimensions of a "deck-sweeper" working jib might be.
    our working jib (LP 90%) has the following dimensions

    luff 303" or 25' 3"
    leach 282" or 23' 6"
    foot 107" or 8'11"

    would this qualify? It's very beat up, and Im thinking about a new or lightly used sail for the 18-25 kt range that we seem to have every afternoon in the bay. trying to decide if these dimensions are delivering the best performance (routed to inboard jib tracks along the cabin)

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Copied this question from asimo, AFTER A 13YR SLEEP!!
    There back then is Ebb talking about getting his sails together
    and it still hasn't happened. We are trying at Spaulding in Sausalito.
    Carol Hasse is retiring !!!

    Cruising sails won't be deck sweepers, not even the Code Zero.
    Carol absolutely has to have measurements taken off a live sailboat.

    Sorry to be so vague, but sail measurements are found in the class Manual.
    So you can at least get the luff.

    There is another way, if you can't wake up the cognoscente here.
    You can take the sailplan from the Manual, take it to a copy shop,
    zoom it up to a scale like 1/2" to a foot. Waterline of 18.5 feet will be
    9 1/4" on the plan. There are other given measurements like the mast
    height/length that also can check accuracy.

    While working on the Ariel, I've found the set of plans I had made quite
    With a scale plan you can at least get an idea if a sail you are interested
    in might work in the rig.

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    If making a new set of sails for your A-C yacht, be sure to have the sail maker go to the boat to finalize any measurements.

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    Best advice!.

    In fact Port Townsend Sails insists on it.
    We have yet to rig the Baby Stay which will fly a storm jib.
    It also can be used for wing on wing in the trades. The
    forestay has a reefer/furler. Plenty to go wrong.

    Sails will be measured with Carol Hasse up in Washington
    on the phone with Chris G of Spaulding directing the taping
    in Sausalito.


    This may not be the place for this,

    the A-338 mast now has Tide Marine's STRONG TRACK

    installed on the new 7/8" Schaefer external T-track.
    Worried that the tear-drop profile of the mast
    would not support the Strong Track which is merely installed
    by pushing it up the Schaefer T-track in a molded
    corresponding hollow form. Haven't used it yet
    - it seems amazingly tight, one with the mast.

    Waxy carbon black material is the hardest polyethylene I ever seen.
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