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Thread: Commander- replace mast support with cross beam

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    Question Commander- replace mast support with cross beam

    Anyone know if removal of mast step support tube in cabin and replacing it with a cross beam under the cabin top could be done.

    Seems to me with mini bulkheads in place of the current half height ones tying it into a steel cross beam fitted under the cabin top below the mast step could work.

    You cut down the passage way into the V berth a bit but eliminate the bar in the middle.?

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    Sure it can be done. Take out the post you build a doorway like on an Ariel. Doesn't really make practical sense unless your interior needed a gut job.

    I do remember seeing one type of boat that had a beam across the ceiling and two round wooden posts coming down on either side of the cabin sole. Looked pretty good. A project like that wouldn't require as much surgery.

    Actually I find the compression post to be handy on a rough day down below. I have thought about making the post "prettier." I wonder if you could wrap the post in teak veneer, make it look like a wooden post. Not sure if the veneer would hold up. They also sell plywood cylinder tubes with nice surface veneers. Cut it in half lengthwise and wrap the metal tube with it.

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    C'pete posted a great interior shot of a kittiwake on a Kittiwake post. Search bar up top here, type it in.

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