The sidelights are in the current West catalog at hte lower left corner of page 696. I don't recall whether the dimensions are 4 1/4 long or 5 1/2 " long but you can probaably figure that out. Perko No 0955DP0CHR or 1264DP0CHR. I think I used the 0965DP0CHR on the same page for the stern light - although it does not have the "wings".. For the mast I used the combvination Deck/Masthead light (West catalog page 702) Forespar #132000 The masthead light, same page, Davis#3310 in lower left corner.

I used the Davis light because I do a considerable amount ofr anchoring out and the low power drain and automatic on/off is very advantageous. For evening sailors in crowded waters, a brighter masthead light might be more advantageous.

Hope this helps. You might want to get a Perko Catalog. They might have some lights that are not in the West catalog. Let me know if you need any other info.