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    Lightbulb LED bulb discount for the Pearson Ariel / Commander Assoc.

    I have tested a number of different bulbs as an LED replacement for the original Pearson fixtures - with very good results, I am happy to say...

    The vendor I've worked with is ''. If you want to place an order or just look around the website is:

    Hans, who operates the site has provided a COUPON CODE for use by Pearson Ariel /Commander owners; (or people lurking here!) Simply enter 'Pearson' in the space provided on the order form. This will apply a discount on your order.

    Note that I get NO comissions, nor do I have ANY involvement with the vendor at all. I am simply providing this for Ariel /Commander owners reference because this vendor's products fit our fixtures nicely and he was willing to offer a discount for the group.

    Here is some insight into the products I found work really well:

    Original Pearson Navigation Lights:
    For these fixtures I ordered RED and GREEN bulbs model 'BA15D Stacking D27LED Red' and 'BA15D Stacking D27LED Green'
    *** Be sure to specify the 'Tall' version as these are about 1/4" taller and a much better fit in the fixture socket than the 'standard' version which sit a bit too low. You can see the 'tall' bulbs installed in my fixtures below in Picture #1

    (See posts above for an explanation of the reasons why colored LEDs are more desirable than the pure white LEDs in Nav lights)

    The standard height version of the bulb is pictured on the page (see the 27 LED version in the center of the page:

    I found that these bulbs (which have a total of 27 LEDs integrated into the bulb) provide not only MORE light than the standard bulb, but they do so at all relevant angle ranges. (I was initially worried about the 45 degree visibility due to the LED arrangement, but it is not an issue when lit up...

    The Stern Light:
    I have a stern light that is not a Pearson original. I think it is relevant as it is almost identical to the Pearson original. (Mine came off a 1950's Chris-craft.) In any case, the space here is smaller compared to the Nav lights and the best fit for this was bulb Model 'BA15DD 12 LED White'.

    You can see a picture of the bulb on the same page as the bulb above if you look to the bottom left of the page. You can see it installed in Picture #2.
    The top LEDs are a bit on the high side inside this fixture, but overall, the LED bulb provides more light than the standard bulb. I had my doubts, but when I installed it and saw it on, I was very happy with the outcome.

    Interior Lights:
    I was VERY happy to find an LED product that works with the original little lamp shades used for our cabin lights.
    The Bulb looks like a regular household bulb (maybe a tad smaller) but has 70 LEDs and it is 12V. It is slightly larger physically than the smallish 12V/15 watt bulbs I was using to date, but the do provide more light.
    Additionally, they provide a similarly warm light as my incandescents. See Picture #3
    I'll post a picture with the shade on. They provide a nice warm light for the cabin. In darkness, I found that even just ONE of these provided a nice amount of light for most purposes. TWO would fill my Commander's interior with plenty of light to read by...
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