Commander No. 155 checking in! Our commander has two fairleads. the first to set appears to be original and is located on the top corner of the Cabin House. The total length of track is about 1.5 feet.

There is a second track on the toe rail, about midway in the cockpit. Is this for a Genoa?

Is this second track necessary? I would love to remove it and fill the holes. It appears to be good quality and has a small strip of teak under it. But when I crawled inside the cell locker of the bolts protruded in a rather rude way! I like the idea of the simplified but am I being foolish to remove these tracks?

Will it become a useful at a later date? We sail in the bay area and we seem to have too much sail area already. Currently we are running 110 jib with roller furling. I can't imagine us see a sale big enough to use that rear fairlead?

Any thoughts out there? Wouldn't Pearson have taken into account jib configurations and settled with the best solution?