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    just a voice of caution: I recommend you take a look at Brian Toss' book on rigging or a couple of web sites...


    (there are others)

    from the sponberg site a rule of thumb is:

    (mast_compression) = ((weight of boat) * (righting moment from CM to CB)) / (distance mast to chain plates)

    rough numbers (eye-balling the boat at 30 degrees of heel)....

    mast_compression = ((5200 lbs) * (1.0 to 1.5 feet)) / (4 feet) = (1300 to 1950) lbs

    This number is higher than some other more detailed models. doubtlessly, Moderator Bill has some better numbers for weights & moments, but the point is there will be a large point load under the mast and you are looking at a large span.

    before you commit to a radical change, you may want to build a full size model and load it with a jack or hydraulic press.

    Maybe I have misread the article.. I'm just a software guy.

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