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Thread: Source Of Bronze Rudder Shaft?

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    Source Of Bronze Rudder Shaft?

    in my quest to replace my rudder, i have found one constant, nobody in annapolis,deale, or surrounding area seems excited to hook me up with a new bronze shaft. actually having a hard time finding a source for it. they all suggest Stainless. I remind them that it sits in a bronze shoe, and say " no matter, we do it all the time!" I remind them of the galvanic scale. they say, "if you are worried get a zinc"
    What gives?
    So, who has recently bought a bronze shaft recently? how much? where from?
    aka, "sell out"
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    A couple of sources have been posted for bronze stock. Click on the "search" button and search for bronze rudder shaft, etc.

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    I ordered and received naval bronze (assay shipped with) 1" rod from COPPER AND BRASS SALES in the Chicago area; the order was shipped from the same company at 414 Macdade Blvd., Collingdale, PA 19023. Their phone number: 800-926-2600
    The 1" rod was billed at $155.87 for 6 feet.
    My rudder is almost finished and the bronze has really worked great!

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