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Thread: rudder discussions

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    Say ebb, the copper keeper strap is about 1” wide, I think, and you mentioned it’s doubled over 3 times? And what gauge (how thick) is the copper strap before doubling it over? By the way, my new mahogany rudder has darkened to a nice brown— I’ll name that color brown dog.....

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    Kent, Friendly name for a fine brownish!
    noticed the 'discrepancy'. But when installing my cast bronze gudgeon,
    remembered, and checked to see which side of the boat the rudder stock would drop.
    On litlgull the rudder will only drop past the rudder shoe on the port side.
    Don't think that ended up in the Manual, but it's good to know, and that's why we
    don't have a bearing in the hole at the hull-end of the rudder tube like Triton's have.
    Pearson just made the tube a little 'off'! And skipped having to remove the rudder
    shoe to drop the blade, or have two sets of gudgeons, like the Triton's.
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    Post above just disappeared about 5" in the middle of post.
    Just GONE.
    I may come back. I may not.


    I saw in this forum perhaps, was rather thin copper sheet
    with both edges bent in flat with a center seam, can't recall, but wider than
    an inch. This gave the strap a nice rounded pro look. With that in mind,
    look on amazon for copper sheet. This came up:
    2 Pcs 99.9%+ Pure Copper Sheet 6"x 6", 20 Gauge (0.81mm), Film
    Attached (both sides protected). {China product} $14.99

    Don't think strap gudgeon will be longer than 6"*. But pure copper may be too
    soft. Working it (bending as I described) might stiffen it, and the 'layering'
    will make it about 1/16". You could make a strap with 3 or 4 layers, bending
    it over on itself. PURE copper, because additions like tin will stiffen it (becomes
    bronze), and lead might leach.
    *Better make a pattern first, at least 8 or 9" length may be needed.

    This is just an idea. But I know you know what you are doing!! The strap has
    to bend when you remove the rudder. But it's not under strain much when
    you knock the rudder up when grounding. It's use is to aim the stock end
    back into its recess. [May the old pagan water gods be kind!]

    The rudder drops on my Ariel on the PORT side. You could make a fastening
    reusable by tapping its hole for a machine screw, If the keel lay up is too fibrous,
    Q-tip liquid epoxy into hole, let it set, and retap for coarse thread bronze
    machine screw(s). (I'd go large like 1/4" - 5/16"..) Just an idea.
    You are going to come back to it one day, and you should recognize by your
    fastening (don't bottom paint over it) which side the strap unscrews. So that
    it's always exactly where it should be when you button it back up later.

    amazon: 18 Ga Copper Sheet Metal, 6"x 12" 24.99. Brand: Copper wire USA.
    Material: Copper 110 (99.99% electrical grade, may have plastic film one side)

    Online find: .basic copper. Use their friendly 'copper sheet thickness guide' to look
    up the 20 gauge sheet, where they show a homemade sheet bender being used
    to control the bend of this dead soft material. So don't get this 18Ga gauge copper.
    [ 18 gauge is about 1/20" - 16 gauge is about 1/16" - either will be hard or
    impossible to bend lengthwise]
    It can't be bent. 20gauge is the limit, and they say it will be difficult.

    Maybe you can use just an unfolded 18Ga strip? So, leave it for you to find a
    larger or heavier sheet of electrical 99.99% pure copper. Maybe thinner gauge sheet
    folded over on itself twice or three times (3 layers) is the answer. Just ideas..

    99.99% will never harden or get brittle or corrode always pliable.

    Bye now
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    Thanks ebb. Sorry for the disappearing ink poltergeist. Good info and some ideas I can try out. I like the bolt idea, can’t say peining rod is something I have a craving for!

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