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Thread: fixed port frames

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    brad buss Guest

    Question fixed port frames

    i am a fairly new ariel owner. "libra" #320 has been the joy and all-consuming love for the past year. this is the first 'thread' for me so i hope it works. i have a number of projects working to ready the boat for offshore sailing and one of the most current is replacement of ports. aluminum opening ports forward will be replaced with bronze, so i am seeking fixed bronze window frames like those found on some tritons. any help would be much appreciated.

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    Opening Ports

    Hi, Brad--
    I'm currently outfitting Triton#397 for offshore work as well. As she is an engineless vessel, weight and performance are a large issue to me. The ports you have are Marinium Alloy, and are quite strong in and of themselves. However, if you would like bronze and have some Marinium Ports in good servicable condition, I would be most interested in trading. I am also looking for some marinium cleats and chocks to acquire in the same fashion.

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    For a complete rundown on windows and ports, just use those words in the search engine. Click on the search button at the top of the page.

    Original window frames and ports were available until recently from Rostand RI. The owner of the patterns, however, has seen fit to leave the marine business and is (last we heard) preparing to donate the patterns to a RI marine college. The college has expressed an interest in making the paterns or hardware available. As you will see in the last update, the process is taking longer than anticipated.

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