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Thread: coaming crack

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    coaming crack

    I have a horizontal crack in my port coaming. Looking for ideas to address. Hasnt fully separated, but cracked enough to wiggle. Afraid it won't survive the season unaddressed.

    A dowel jig and long bit would allow drilling several top to bottom 1/4 holes and epoxying a mahogany dowel in the hole, but Im thinking that a dowel wont do much for reinforcing the inflection point of the crack.

    Maybe there are 1/4 bolts that are long enough. McMaster-Carr has threaded 1/4 316 SS rods, but not sure about how to terminate on the top of the coaming. Maybe machine a flat-head screwdriver slot in the top of the rod?

    Also thought about a 1 SS 1/8 flat bar - kind of like perpendicular Band-Aids. Maybe also some angle bracing on the outboard side.

    Im thinking the fix may be unconventional, so open to suggestions.

    Photo is of the crack - the yellow line is the outboard deck level opposite the photo.

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    I think pull it off, slightly pry apart at crack and insert glue or slightly thinned epoxy into the split, let that dry/cure (clamping to hold proper position?). That'd probably hold well enough if you got a good coverage inside the split, but you might as well go all out... -> Once dried/cured, go for dowel insertion from the bottom. It's closer from there (so less drilling/dowel length needed), and will be 'hidden' when done, and that means a bonus - water will find it harder to get into.

    Looks like some water got in already, so you might want to allot some drying time pre-repair. May be that removing some of the finish around the 'wound' will speed drying.
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