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Thread: 2019 hoppe regatta sailing instructions

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    2019 hoppe regatta sailing instructions

    Saturday, August 3, 2019 is the date for the San Francisco Bay's Hoppe Regatta!

    BACKGROUND: The Ernie Hoppe Memorial Regatta is a fun race for Ariel and Commander skippers and their crew. The principal requirement is that the race be fun.

    STARTING LINE: The starting line runs North East from a palm tree on the island to Lighted Mooring Buoy K located off the North Eastern side of the island and off Clipper Cove. (See: graphic following.) The race committee will be stationed on shore, next to the tall palm tree.

    STARTING TIME: The race will start at 1300 hours (1:00 PM). (The Prepatory signal will be sounded at 1250 hours and the Warning signal 1255 hours.). The start will be announced on channel 71 and a horn will sound.

    START: Course for start is 150 degrees TRUE or about 136.5 degrees MAGNETIC. (See: arrow on graphic)

    (NOTE: course must be completed by 1600 hrs.)

    COURSE: Sail around Treasure Island in either direction.

    RESTRICTED AREA: Do not sail within 200 yards of the Coast Guard station on the NE side of the Yerba Buena Island (near the bridge crossing). Also stay at least 25 yards from all piers, abutments, fenders and pilings of the SF/Oakland Bay Bridge.

    FINISH: In either direction at the starting line

    AUGUST 3, 2019
    Flood 1248 3.30 kts
    Slack 1547 0.00 kts
    Ebb 1841 2.90 kts

    CURRENTS: Be sure to check your tidal charts, they may be important to your strategy. Note too, that currents near Treasure Island are 15 to 20 minutes after max at the Golden Gate.

    PROTESTS: No protests allowed. Rules of the road apply. First qualified boat to finish wins.

    ALLOWANCES & HANDICAPS: No allowances for BBQ grills, TVs, excessive tools, supplies, cruising gear or overweight crew.

    REGISTRATION: Just let us know if you plan to participate in the Hoppe Regatta. You may E-mail your intention to participate to rphelon (AT) juno (dot) com, or call Bill Phelon (925) 254-8338. No one will be turned away if they don't register, but they might not get a start or a finish if we don't know they are there after all, the race committee may be busy with cocktails.

    AWARDS GATHERING: The regatta should end early enough to give everyone plenty of time to get to Encinal Yacht Club for the 6:00 PM dinner and awards gathering. (www.encinal.org)
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