Hey guys, Bob Muggleston here . . . I'm the guy who was trying to track down info. regarding Zoltan Gyurko's boat, to use in a possible article regarding another Commander called The Way with the same hull ID. ANYWAY, it wasn't Zoltan's boat. Of that I'm about 99% sure. So, Practical Sailor has asked me to write a review of the Commander for their archives. Yes, they're old boats, but they've got an extensive list of "Good Old Boats" that they're constantly expanding. Anyway, can anyone point me in the direction of original literature regarding the Commander? Is there some hidden somewhere on this site? Also, I believe Practical Sailor likes to get owner's feedback regarding the boat being reviewed, quotes about the boat's sailing characteristics/abilities, build quality, common issues that need to be addressed, stuff like that. Anyone interested in providing me with information like this who'd like to see their words in Practical Sailor please contact me at bob@pointseast.com, or simply reply to this note right here.