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    I'm Duncan and I'm new to the forum and to Ariels, I purchased #275 recently. 1st if anyone knows any history of the boat I'd be interested. I'm in Monterey but the boat was in SF bay at least for a while. I have many question.

    The boat doesn't have pulpits and as an old guy I'm thinking I should get some but don't know where to look.

    I need to build companion way steps or ladder, ideas?

    I'd like to put in an auto pilot as I single hand a lot, any advice?

    I'm going to need sails eventually, good buys, good used?

    I'm not sure of the etiquette for the forum so let me know if I'm over reaching.

    Thanks, Duncan

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    Hey Duncan
    Welcome aboard. There is a bunch of info on the site already re your questions about autopilots and sails. You'll do best to search via google with the format site: pearsonariel.org "autopilot" , e.g. rather than the internal search function. If you do that first, you'll find many thoughtful and detailed answers. Upload some pictures of A275 and the projects you're looking at. Site is friendly and entirely without the snark you'll find on many internet forms.
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