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Thread: Engine removal

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    Question Engine removal

    I am looking for advice/tips regarding removal of the Atomic 4 inboard. The previous owner let it freeze and the block is cracked.

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    Use the Google search method described in the Off Topic forum and search for Atomic 4, inboard engine, etc.

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    About a year ago I had the yanmar 2GM out of my Ariel for a rebuild and it's pretty straight forward (as I'm sure it is for the Atomic 4). I had access to a large farm tractor with loader arms to use as a sort of crane but I did the lifting with a simple chain fall. A cheap cable come-a-long would work just as well. I only removed the counter and the two steps at the bottom of the companionway, freed all the connections to the boat (wires, fuel lines, prop shaft, engine mounts), hooked on and lifted it straight up through the companionway. It would be just as easy to do the lifting with a simple A frame and come-a-long over the companionway and then set the engine on a couple of planks laid across once the engine is at coach roof height. Then since it sounds like it's not salvageable, just dismantle the engine right there into easy to carry (throw) off the boat sizes. I'm guessing by the time it's all torn down the block only weights 50-60 lbs and that should be the heaviest part.

    I'm curious what you're planning on putting back in there? The 2GM I have has been great after the rebuild (a really light rebuild at that) although I've only got one season so far with it. So let's hear about the plans for yours!


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