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Thread: Ariel #97 for sale?

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    Ariel #97 for sale?

    With a heavy heart, I must pass on my Ariel rebuild to another. I had originally purchased the boat and sailed it while my mother recovered from a SAH stroke in Washington DC. But, as thing happens, I engulfed myself in the huge project of retrofitting the entire boat. Well, six years later and it is not finished. I had made tremendous progress the first two years, nearly completing it. However, the boat has sat for a long while in my shop waiting, and waiting, and waiting… for me to return.

    Quite frankly I have barely touched it these last couple years, as a matter of fact I may have added a couple more projects…

    The retrofit, list, in no particular order:
    1. Interior completely deleted and replaced with a unique design suitable for two to cruise Maine to the Bahamas. all interior plywood Okume BS1088 marine grade plywood. Sleeping for 4 (1 bunk under cockpit, large double in main salon, 1 bunk in bow) 85% complete
    2. Retrofitted Four-Winns trailer motor boat trailer (2 axle w/disk brakes and pivoting tongue) 100% complete
    3. Custom electric drive mount w/ 8.5K electric motor (complete electric motor kit has been mounted and test fit, but never tested/run), 75%
    4. new PPY no drip drive shaft, 100%
    5. new cutlas bearing, 100%
    6. hull/deck seam fiberglassed, 100%
    7. deck recored (previous owner), 100%
    8. new stainless steel prop shaft, 100%
    9. 3 blade (12x) prop, 100%
    10. new main 4:1 sheet w/curved main sheet traveler, ready for mount
    11. curved jib sheet tracks, ready for mount
    12. rudder, completely new w/original bronze tiller shaft. needs final fiber and fairing. 90%
    13. mail sail, brand new (used a dozen times) Beacon Sails in Annapolis
    14. hull mounted chain plates (interior), 90%

    1. I started designing / fabricating a bowsprit (18”) from 316 Stainless steel to help with the weather helm.
    2. A whole bunch of extra original parts

    What she needs:
    1. rebuild cockpit coamings. I have 5/4 mahogany planks ready with pattern.
    2. complete wiring, including electric drive integration and batteries.
    3. needs all new lighting
    4. electric drive testing
    5. Remounting of all the original hardware
    6. A name

    What I will provide:
    1. The boat needs barrier coat, top side paint and deck painted. Colors of your choice!!
    Basically, I would like to “finish” the boat by getting the boat ready to drop in the water. After that, it would be up to you to finish the interior and get the rest of the systems running.

    How much:
    1. I have no idea. I am not in any rush to sell, but basically, I am trying to buy a house in the next couple years and would like to free up space in my shop to complete other paying work.
    2. I might be interested in partnerships…. if someone had some motivation and the ability to buy 50% stake in the project

    I lost my website dedicated to the rebuild but here is an old online photo depository.
    I can send new photos upon request.

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    Triumph build images: hosted at Photobucket (Boo)

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    Hey Matt,
    Sorry to see you go. Hopeful to see someone complete your cool interior layout. Can't quite wrap my head around what the final product will look like!

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