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Thread: A-310 Moonbeam

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    A-310 Moonbeam

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently purchased Ariel hull #310, Moonbeam.

    She's on Lake Murray outside Columbia, SC, at Windward Point Yacht Club, where she had been at the slip for at least 5 years - it's my understanding that the prior owner had some health issues and just couldn't get to the boat any more.

    There was lots of mildew, and dirt, and at least 2 wasp's nests when I got her. I spent about 2 weeks cleaning and removing stuff, bought a new fire extinguisher and throwable type IV PFD, and finally took her out singlehanded on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago.

    After successfully motoring away from the dock and out of the marina, I got the sails up and had a wonderful couple of hours wandering around the lake, and made it back to the dock without incident.

    Since then I've been out twice more, and am getting more confident.

    I've ordered (and received) the owner's manual, and have been reading as many posts as I can.

    She needs some maintenance, and some cleaning, and some stuff I probably haven't even realized yet, but it's been a blast so far!

    I'm attaching two pics to this post - I've stored the bimini (I think the bows are much too long) and I feel like the blue paint on the coamings is an abomination.

    I'm happy to be here!


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    Welcome Berry! Whew, I'm glad you said it Those blue coamings are something else! The important thing is that she has a new owner who's got her under sail. What a great base to start with. Best of luck and keep us posted on her upgrades.

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    Hi Berry, I'm down here on the coast in Georgetown with #422, "Katie Marie". You're just starting a love affair! Congrats!
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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