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Thread: Flying twin jibs downwind - short video

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    Flying twin jibs downwind - short video

    I've posted a short video on youtube here: https://youtu.be/pYpakA-FN6I

    The beauty of this method is, you can sail on any point by allowing the windward jib to lay against the lee jib, and then when heading downwind simply open up both jibs to the wind. All this can be accomplished without ever leaving the cockpit.

    When sailing directly downwind, it is important to take in the main - which would otherwise just interfere with the natural balance. I can sail +/- 20 degrees of directly downwind by varying the jib sheet settings, and +/- 40 degrees using a whisker pole. For whisker poles, I use hollow fiberglass tubing (cheap!) that will intentionally break if poked into the seas. I carry two.

    I had a sailmaker (Leading Edge in San Mateo) make a two jibs with staggered hanks. I use a downhaul for striking the jibs.

    I sailed west out of Pillar Point until I was directly upwind of Monterey, and then just turned downwind for a long 40 mile leg to the harbor. Surfing on 8 foot following seas, I averaged 7 knots with top speeds-over-ground of 10 knots (according to my GPS).

    Sorry about the messy cockpit. Sailing single-handed, I'm usually not expecting any guests.
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