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Thread: Replacement Windows for Berth Portals

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    Replacement Windows for Berth Portals

    Has anyone ever found a new window they can replace the original portal windows with?
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    Historical Arts and Casting has many of the castings for the original Pearson hardware. They are not inexpensive. Bronze, no aluminum. Here is the contact:
    5580 W Bagley Park Rd.
    West Jorday, UT 84088
    (801) 280-2400

    Good reports from those who have used Historical Arts (search Off Topic forum)

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    bronze ports

    in the little search window up top here in the Off Topic Forum
    came up with a bunch of threads.
    Pertinent thread: WTB: Small opening port lights and, or, frame resource info
    also Replacing Portholes

    Once laid out the pieces of my original opening aluminum ports to foto.
    There must be 50 parts to each port. That's why they're expensive.
    Spigot(cutout) 8 x 4 3/16, Trim: 9 1/8 x 5 3/8. Curved ends are compass circles.

    SPARTAN (no catalog, no fotos) has flattened oval, like our original portlights.
    P586O (O for oval) 14lbs ! Cutout(spigot) = 9 1/8 x 6. Flange = 12 1/16 x 8. $400.

    DAVEY now has some nice looking TRUE oval portlights (the smallest size, close but
    not fitting the Ariel's flattened oval.)
    Spigot sizes: 8 x 5 1/4 --- 9 1/4 x 6 1/8 --- 12 1/8 x 7 1/4.
    Spigot is the mounting hole cutout.
    Flange that goes around spigot outside: 9 1/4 x 7 --- 11 1/4 x 8 1/8 --- 14 1/4 x 9 1/4.
    Weight of three oval opening ports: 7lbs - 8.5lbs - 15lbs.

    Smallest size with its more round shape will add about 6 more square inches of glass,
    and may take little to rework the original hole to fit the Davey spigot. Guessing.
    Inside, portlight has integral mounting flange that will match outside trim ring
    for thru bolting. Assuming, don't know for a fact.

    In the USA, the smallest Davey oval portlight priced $542 (R&W*).
    Have not seen these first hand. (Midsize $770, $200 over uk)
    R & W Rope --- Fisheries Supply (OOS but equally insane $$$) --- Rig Rite Spartan.
    (* this is a $142 mark up on the London price. Maybe lower cost if you import them!
    Ask what they weigh and if they include the bug screen.) My last overseas order, UPS
    took care of all the paperwork, and delivered to the front door. Should not have to
    pay the 15% VAT, which is often included in an online UK site.

    As of 6/2018, littlegull has Davey bronze opening ports. Maybe get around to
    a picture on the Gallery page. Ports are beautiful, but they are heavy weights.

    R & W Rope, when I was ordering, was the most reliable, and seemed to have
    direct connection to their source in the US. Screens, for example. Extra
    gaskets, still have to order, or improvise from McMasterCarr.

    Have to talk with Historical Arts, who may or may not still have the molds.
    They do not mention anywhere on site: marine/nautical.
    Would guess they will be as expensive, if not more, if they have to start from scratch.
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    Sometimes you can find them at consignment stores or even Ebay or Craig's List if you get lucky.
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    Hey! That Mike dude is still around!
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