I've been a member of this forum for a few years, but this is my first post. I've done a lot of reading here, though. My Ariel is for sale in Cleveland, Ohio. It is still in the water for a few days and winter storage is paid. I was given a newer, bigger Ericsson 30-2 that I've also been sailing on for several years, and my wife won't let me have two boats. (she also prefers the Ericson with its enclosed head) It was pretty neglected when I got it, but I put it into sailing shape as quickly as I could and have been sailing it the last two years. It still needs some work (soft deck spots and paint) but it floats, sails well, and being in fresh water, has no corrosion. The sails are in pretty decent shape. I'm asking $1500 but that is mostly for the 2017 Tohatsu 4 hp long shaft (20") outboard that I bought this summer. Price is very negotiable. I'm willing to give the boat away for free to another board member (or friend) without including the outboard. I won't sell the outboard separately though or I may never sell the boat without an engine. It's also on Craigslist with photos here: