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Thread: 2017 hoppe regatta wind up

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    2017 hoppe regatta wind up

    The weather for the 2017 edition of the Hoppe Memorial Regatta began with an overcast sky, but it was not long before the sun was out. The breeze, however, was a little fickle as it was coming from the northwest instead of the west at the starting line, but appeared to be mostly westerly nearer to Angle Island. To add to the sailing fun, there was a significant “wind hole” into which both competing yachts sailed while still within view of the committee boat. At that point, both Nemesis and Lady J were headed counter clockwise around the island. After going nowhere for awhile, Lady J headed off in the clockwise direction. An hour and twenty-five minutes later, the counter clockwise boat, Nemesis, was first to cross the finish line. Lady J, however, struggled through the still persistent wind hole and arrived at the finish line fifty-five minutes later.
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