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Thread: Alternative to using forum search function

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    Post Alternative to using forum search function

    A good alternative to using the Forum’s “Search” function, is to use Google (C) or another search engine to do the looking. Yes, Google will search the ACYA forum the way it does the World Wide Web. Just type the following string into Google’s search window (or the window in any other search engine):

    site: pearsonariel.org (space) your subject [NO space between the colon and pearson. I'm having a problem with the board replacing : p in pearson with ]

    Be sure there is a space between the .org and the search subject. For example:

    site: pearsonariel.org rudder shoe [NO space between the colon and pearson]

    Note: Some search engines results will lead with a series of advertisements that you will need to scroll through (in the example above, they were for shoes!) before you reach a list of links to the subject on the ACYA board.
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