Last weekend I started the repower project. Earlier I removed the fairing over the propeller window. I was really pleased to discover that the hull mold and rudder for the boat were originally built for an inboard then modified for outboards. I just had to remove fairing skin on the hull and a block in the rudder and I had my window. Last weekend I cut a window in my cockpit floor to make the engine installation a whole lot easier. I did not re-core the cockpit floor (though it was needed) when I did the rest of the deck work in anticipation of this project. After I removed the cockpit floor I had easy access to hull and the liner. I cut back a little of the liner, dug out the foam, marked the center of the propeller opening then drilled a hole for a fiberglass stern tube. So far so good.

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Cockpit Floor with access window cut out
Name:  2016-01-23 14.58.20.jpg
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Liner cut back to expose foam where prop shaft will enter
Name:  2016-01-25 16.45.52.jpg
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Center of prop window marked for drilling
Name:  2016-01-25 16.50.48.jpg
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Drilled for stern tube
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Stern tube fitted in place

This weekend I'll build and align the engine bed.