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    Repower Continued

    All of the prep work for the engine bed and the engine compartment is done. The engine had to go further forward than I originally thought to get low enough in the boat to sit below the cockpit floor. Not a problem. I cut a little into the wasted space under the companionway. The batteries will go on the starboard side. I am going to reconfigure the starboard settee to be a galley, nav station and house all of the mechanicals forward of the lazzerette. Some choices I made.
    • I put in an inspection hatch on the port side that I will be able to access from the pt lazzerette.
    • I am also putting in an inspection hatch in the cockpit floor. I was originally against this but I realized that if I needed to do any serious repairs the access I will get from the hatch in the cabin and the inspection port will not be enough. I will have to monitor for leakage.
    • The fuel tank will sit on the shelfe above the stuffing box.
    • I'm using a dripless stuffing box made by Volvo Penta. Inexpensive, easy to install and in stock.
    • The fuel filter, water intake throughull and the water strainer will be forward, accessible inside the cabin engine hatch

    The engine goes in this afternoon.

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