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Thread: Rudder shoe source

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    Rudder shoe source

    Fred Pomeranz just contacted us after a long absence. He is the fabricator who used the original design to create a mold for the AC rudder shoe. (To see one, check the Rudder Shoe thread in the Technical forum.)

    Fred reports, “Now that I'm retired I would like to explore this market again. Presently I have one shoe ready to ship. The last lot included one I sent to Chance Smith in N.C. in 2011. At that time, they priced out at $325. I'll check with the foundry for current pricing this week.”

    Anyone interested in a rudder shoe should contact Fred at frecarzoee (at) gmail (dot) com. His cell is 253 549 5089.

    I can report that he does really great work – In fact, I have one of his rudder shoes waiting to be installed when our old one finally falls apart from electrolysis corrosion.

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    Thanks for the info, Bill. I may be interested in purchasing one for future use.


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