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    Littlgull nee Sun Quest came to me with a stainless steel rudder

    shaft. It reacted with the rudder shoe, turning bronze into anode.

    Ate it up. This apparent reversal of the norm is recorded by others.

    My opinion is, and I did have a conversation with Roger Winiarsky,

    that Bristol supplied the bronze to Pearson when they were building

    Ariels and Commanders. HE SAID they supplied manganese bronze

    for the rudders, shaft and rod. Manganese bronze cannot be used

    under water.

    Cannot live under water. There may be stainless steel that can live

    under water, but it's too expensive. 316 cannot live under water.

    And in live marinas reacts with any other metal, especially bronze.

    From the existing, page 170


    NAVAL BRONZE. Naval bronze is naval brass, composed of 60%

    copper, 39.2% zinc, 0.75% tin (to make it "corrosion resistant".) It's

    a self-distruct battery, worse than manganese bronze in salt water.

    Concept uses the original rudder drawing from the Association Manual,

    with the two piece shaft to recreate the original rudder. Makes small

    logical changes for a simpler stronger non-welded unit, and individual

    DIY input. Uses all Everdur 655 silicon bronze. Under water bronze:

    97% copper, 3% silicon, 0.9% manganese. Bet, it never corrodes at

    the waterline inside the A/C rudder tube !!

    After 53 years, you want a new rudder.

    It's not hard if you DON'T follow exactly how they first did it.

    Machine shop can do all the hard work on the shaft.

    Found my old notes. Make copies and send you some?
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