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    Here's Ebb's copy of Alberg's new rudder shown in the A-C yacht's plan. For some reason, I can't get the photo to rotate. It's correct in my file, but it rotates when inserted into the post. Ebb writes:

    Rudder has a 1/8" G-10 'core'. It's the rudder shape andallows trailing edge to finish in something really tough. Two layers of veed meranti plywood, creating the essential shape. The blade is 2 inches at the post trailing to 1/4". NACA airfoils at 5 'stations' provide the dynamic curve along rudder length, which were actually very mild, as I used only the trailing half of the wing shape. Used thickened epoxy - and finished offwith Wet/Dry 700 Epoxy Paste (underwater epoxy) which smoothed well and provided a light color finish. Rudder lives underwater, underwater epoxy to finish. Splashed before the gudgeon was installed, and sitting in the mud at Spaulding the rudder has lifted out of the shoe and won't drop back in.

    Friends, Stay well, See you out there.
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    Iím excited!
    It floats!!
    More pics
    More info

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    Please note: Text has been added to post's 435 and 436 (photos above)


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    Good to hear from you Ebb, glad to see you are as feisty as ever. And I would like to see more pics too. Make a deal with you, post a few more pics and I will pull the tarp off of Mariah and post a pic to prove I still have #331.
    Busy with another boat project at the moment.
    1965 Ariel #331


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    So really great to see these pictures of Little Gull finally in her element. Looking at Capt Ebb's profile, I see it's been a couple of years since he's checked in. And I also see his time here spans over 18 YEARS! I'm certain during that time, he has inspired and guided many more sailors than just me.

    The years spent with my Ariel have been logged in precious memories with my family and friends. Capt Ebb's time bookends mine by years. I don't think I've ever witnessed such super human tenacity before. But perhaps it was made easier - because if ever anyone had found their "soulmate" in a boat, surely it is Ebb and Little Gull. And she's meticulous and beautiful Ebb!

    Fair winds and calm seas Capt Ebb. Steady on. Looking forward to those sailing yarns soon!

    PS. And THANK YOU Bill for facilitating such an epic story...
    Totoro (Sea Sprite 23 #626)

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    I've forgotten how things work here.
    Hello Bill
    Hello Frank
    Hello Tim
    Hello Mike
    Glad to be here again.

    Just got notified: 'Off Topic - Replacement Windows for Berth Portals.'
    Myself installed heavy bronze elliptical opening ports, the smallest Davey
    ones. Couldn't futz anymore with the aluminum that I'd spent a lot of
    time and $$ on.
    Obscenely expensive. Have no portrait photos, but do have a couple
    used to be here as instructions, but also the language defeated me.
    The photos are in my iPhone 11. So...

    The rudder. Alltho not obvious, the stock/shaft is in its original position.
    Which is pretty obvious. The s-glass wraps around the shaft, not
    many layers, maybe four 8oz?, cabocil/chopped strand/epoxy formed
    the foil bellies, and the finishing underwater paste on top of that.
    Ended up with plenty of space for the expanded diameter shaft to turn
    But during construction the 2" thickness at the shaft was cut back to a
    vee, so that the rudder swings fully without fouling the sides of the
    cove in the keel. Ended up with good access into the cove for bottom
    paint. Various stage photos Ebb doesn't know how to attach here.

    Can just see the 2" angle in the two photos Bill has posted.
    Chamfer gives the rudder a full airfoil/wing impression. However the
    whole surface of the blade is still the trailing 1/2 of an 018 formula
    Cove-end of keel/rudder post is close two inches wide. Rudder blade
    is 2" wide, except for the chamfers, Hydrofoil ends in a sharp 1/4"
    wide square trailing tip to cut the sticky liquid cavitation before it
    curls back on itself. With 20 lbs alone in the 6' of 1" diameter 655
    bronze stock, the rudder itself weighs in at 57lbs on the bathroom
    scale. Add our weighty bronze tillerhead to that! Yet while being
    towed around the Bay from San Rafael to Sausalito behind Ian's
    Sanctuary, the tiller as docile and light as a littlegull's feather !!

    Blade does not copy exactly Alberg's ghost outline of the so-called
    'Constellation' rudder. C. is a popular name for extreme sailboats.
    This one refers to a S&S 12 meter racer that won the America's Cup
    in 1964 or 5. Which would be current with the Alberg palimpsest.
    Some call it a barndoor rudder. Sparkman and Stevens tank tested
    the design extensively. It brings control to untroubled water at the
    bottom of the keel. How much rounded corners was also examined
    and Alberg seems to have followed the experts. But Ebb thinks larger
    round corners will also produce larger ventilations. Since then versions
    of every radius have appeared on nearly all yachts with barndoor
    rudders including Alberg's CapeDorys. Sharp corners too, along with
    a sharp trailing edge, to defeat and control tip vortices produced by
    rudder profiles and myriad angles of heel.

    Felt I had to add back a wedge of area to the top of 338 rudder - my
    gut, not tank-test decision - because of 'troubled waters' at the top of
    the blade, especially when heeled. No disrespect, we'll just see.

    Consider also that the hole for the inboard prop also creates massive
    water flow dynamics that alter any hydrofoil niceties. Full foil rudder
    and lithium battery powered electric OB mounted in the well.

    But I do like the Alberg 'C' much better. Note that the area of both
    blades in the Ariel/Commander Manual page 144 [Stress that this
    drawing appears to be authentic Alberg] both blades have equal area.
    Doubtful that this barndoor rudder would be built of bronze and
    mahogany like the marvelous original. Pearson wasn't ready yet for
    a fiberglass one, but they should have been!

    Not a Swede, just an ole Squarehead.. can't figure what C.A.Alberg
    might've done.. except what's brought forward with what's being
    tried here.
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    Just had a post here thanking the Committee
    suddenly erase !@#$%&!
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    Well, it happerned again

    i hit the backspace button

    and a long post i was working on


    where did it go?

    No way to find it.

    I've had it !

    B Y E

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    Searching for how that might happen using the backspace key I tried all the combinations using Ctrl, Alt and Shift. Then went down the "F" keys and hit something that I now can't duplicate were the backspace key and a function (F) key deleted everything I'd written.

    If you're typing on a mobile phone, there might be a problem that's causing a "delete all" command to occur. Obviously, that command is there somewhere. I just tipped it on my PC. I'll see if my tech adviser has any suggestions.

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    It’s sad when it happens... more sad for the rest of us to miss what was being typed.

    Come back ebb!

    s/v 'Faith'

    1964 Ariel #226
    Link to our travels on Sailfar.net

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    Thanks, Bill. Company computer uses a wireless keyboard by Logitech.
    And a logitech mouse that are so sensitive I have to use the corded
    mouse because it's slightly less sensitive, making it more responsive
    to me.
    So I tried hitting the two closest F11 (with three compacted elipses in
    blue), and F12 (with and on/off symbol - a circle with a cigaret - and
    mini caps 'PC' in blue). On my home page pressing the FG12 will
    erase the whole top set of info bars I have up there..
    So, if I hit one of those while also the Backspace, it could be me!

    When I type, I constantly double-key vowels and other letters. So
    I constantly have to backspace to erase extra letters. Constantly
    erase 'i' and 'o' and 'j', 'm', 'y', and other 'companion letters'. It's
    my ancient hands and what they are connected to. No matter how
    extreme my rage (the more I age the more I rage) nothing gets
    fixed on that score.

    The mouse, if my fore-finger is not curled exactly over the left
    front, will cause a 2 solid black arrows with a dot to appear which
    will cause
    the page to scroll or drag, always without the ability to be reseated
    or dragged back in format. The only fix is to restart the computer
    and loose
    everything. If it's an email, I have found it in Drafts - where I've
    been able to complete it and hit the 'send' prompt,. which
    surprisingly they forgot to remove.

    That, in a nutshell, happens all the time. Takes time for Ebb to
    say what he's saying. Also a stream of conscious writer*, seldom
    know exactly what I'm, going to say, or even inexactly. I've
    gone back over each line here four or five times removing extra

    OK, not complaining, see the humor in this only up to a point.
    I love life.
    Hate logitech, Microsoft, and tedious methods of communication.
    Hate getting old too!
    So let's hope Ebb calms down..

    Finally notioced the oicons on the Quiick Reply box. One said start
    photo with a URL. That's thje address of the photo, so looking that
    up it says I can used the Photobuckety app[ - now have to find out
    how to do that. Haven't been inm Anmtyarctioca before,. but I'll;
    give it a whirl.. [sic]

    * "How can I know what I think till I see what I say." E.M.Forster
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    c_amos. - from SailFar - another hero of mine, yes. And I remember your name
    but won't say it here. Went back 15 years - here - to see if you ever let it loose,
    not that I can find. But did see an explosion of names and boats that brings tears
    to my eyes. Brought a lot back, we were a great bunch in 2005.
    I'm assuming SailFar is still going strong. I'll check out if you and Faith are still
    together - and whjere you've been!
    Stay strong!!
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    New cabin table ready for dry fit.

    Ebb mentioned that it's large enough to take charts.
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    Didn't need posting yet, BUT, the upside-down hinge looks pretty good.
    And sure is an example of "form follows function." (backwards piano
    hinge artistically considered)
    Those are #10-24 flathead 1/2" MS with tiny skinny washers and nyloc
    crown nuts. Hinge is less than a 1/16" thick - dapped-into the surface of
    the composite.
    The material is 1/4" meranti with a layer of epoxy and s-glass on both
    sides - like 5/16" thick. The phenolic philippine ply is quite stiff - but
    adding the fiberglass changes it into another material entirely.

    Forinstance the top, with of course the captured hinge to help stiffen it,
    has little give to it as a unsuppopted table top, yet it's essentially a lid.
    Size overall: 36x32. Frame is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 Honduras, all corners rounded.
    No idea how to finish it yet. Like wood color, also like space, so it may
    end up cloud white.
    The cloth is cut and laid on dry, epoxy squeegeed on quite firmly. Pull
    all the extra syrup in or off the weave. Finished surface is 'textured' and
    requires little prep to float on a smooth epoxy coat..

    It'll probably have a body thrown across it, knowing me, at least twice.
    So, went home with measurements of the 10" tall cubby under the table,
    thinking that a wide strongarm construct might project out for support.

    It's too complicated, too much construct and even with angled braces
    to the hull, table just too big. Also the 3 cubbies would be trashed.
    They support the 'shelf' that the table end will bolt to. There's all that
    time it took to get it right along that side. So I went thru amazon's
    tedious algorithmic money-sucking stalker looking for … a pedestal..

    It takes hours. The search constantly leads you astray. When you stop
    to take a look, they make a game to keep specifications hard to find,
    or secret. Just down the page they line up other kinds of stanchions
    to lead you further away from your focus, and to box you in with dozens
    of oriental imitations you never thought you didn't want.


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    Mast back in boat, with new additions working around my "inventions'
    that are not appreciated because they are outside normalcy. Ebb
    insisting to Carol Hasse that a cutter bowsprit was desired.. now have
    light weight Trogear V sprit extending 3' forward.. requiring at the
    masthead a strange extension, by an unknown to me yacht-designer,
    as a standin for the usual bail.. looks like a horn.. not my style!

    and while I was informed "the mast was going in sometime this week"
    wasn't informed that it went in the next day, without my being there.

    The business with the mast is to get it ready for measuring for sails.
    Covvid, wildfire smoke, closures and general malaise has taken to
    the middle of September to happen. Now the just arrived Schaefer
    1100 furler
    gets rigged and I wonder if the old man will get to be invited to that
    event..?? Says it's a 42lb addition to the pleasure of sailing, all the
    long stuff came in a gigantic tube weighing 65lbs, I cldn't lift it!

    My disenfranchisement from the Spaulding Boat Works guest docket
    now seems de rigueur. (I think because I let the varnish go, really
    needs help!) And equally I seem to have been disinvited from the
    Alberg Fleet virtual Sunday zobreakfasts, socially defective, that's
    another story I'll drop entirely, always om been a loner for various dna
    psycho-pop demeanors. Do I mean tremors? Even tho I've yearned
    these golden years for just easy comraderie, laffter and respect,
    I've become a tired bad old grouch. !@#$%^&! (it's 4am..)

    Photos to come. Which I hope Bill will post.

    [Now the third week of Oct. Waiting on halyards. I have line,
    nobody asks for it.. will be paying for line that will take a week to ship.
    West Marine is 5 minutes down the street in Marin City. How can I
    be involved in this charade??. This is professionalism on a stick..]

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