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    Pembroke Ontario Canada
    Good.....no...Great.....no.....totally awesome to hear from ya!!



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    WELL WELL WELL: Tomorrow 12/3/2020 at 8:20, Carol Hasse' and Chris of the Spaulding
    Boatworks will have an open line of some sort and will (she is in Port Townsend and Chris
    in Sausalito)..

    We've had near freezing temps in the mornings..
    and along with spiking pandemics, all kinds of businesses dying, devastating wildfires
    [26,000 homes], unbreathable air, 8 months getting the mast together, near fascist
    gov't takeover..
    Hope it goes smoothly, ha!

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Surprised to find out that a hero of ours, Larry Pardey died 7/27/2020.. RIP.

    Saw Lin, Larry and Talesine at a boat show maybe 10 years ago. They were
    holding forth down below in their famous LyleHesse cutter. Got into the
    cockpit, looked through the c'way, recognized them in what seemed like a
    tiny dark tunnel of sturdy woodwork, gear and gloom. Had my chance, but
    never went below.

    Thank the gods for our bright and cheerful plastic cruisers.
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    Great to hear things are progressing and yes, what a totally crazy Year!
    Stay safe Ebb
    Pictures please

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    I know I've checked in between now and back when the first 'new' pics were posted, dunno how I missed them, but - ALRIGHT! Way to go Ebb, she is looking fantabulous!!!

    And of course I'll join in the hue and cry - more pics please!

    I wish I was close enough to come help you straighten out both the typing and the picture posting issues. It is very good to know that you and Lil Gull are still in the hunt, though. Fingers crossed, good lord willing and if'n the creek don't rise - here's hoping next year gets a lot better somehow, despite how it looks right now!
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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    Kurt, Pardon me for not knowing if you are still active on the water..
    I've gotten old in years and with some problems that come with it.
    But I'm brave, and Lilgull will outlive me.

    Thus I INTEND to get Lilguil sailing. Her mast has been s l o w l y
    (7 months, and totally aware of our plight) altered to accept a
    Solent stay and a Code Zero. Yesterday 12/2/20 the rig was
    measured by Chris with Carol Hasse' on the phone for the better
    part of the morning. I was a spectator, altho I wouldn't have
    minded 'holding the other end of the tape'. BUT it's done!. Can't
    wait for the exciting invoice!!

    [The miracle will be heading out the Gate toward Hawaii.}

    I wish I had your help, really do. But it comes from innate
    inability. Don't have the language knack. Especially for a simple
    function. Like posting a password that suddenly appears that has
    locked me out from posting my own photos from the iphone.

    Well, that doesn't explain anything, look at that last word in the
    paragraph above here: it has a crookled red underline that
    means it's misspelled. Know you edjkercated lot hasn't a prob
    with that.. it means to me that Micro doesn't know what the
    Soft side is doing. And this inability is why I'm pretty sure that
    something has been leftout/forgotten in the process of speeding
    these new Covid vaccines to the market.

    Here I am 'homeless' , a candidate for assisted living, and the
    idiots still haven't figured out to keep the old folks alive! (news:
    outbreaks of 60/80 patients in separate unconnected facilities)
    And that's just local, because the media seems just as
    incompetent reporting whole news, neutral news. ENUF.

    Incompetence is pandemic. I'm no different. Indifference has
    been made popular, 70 million people voted for it, I have
    never forgiven the germans for Hitler. It has happened again.
    What's in Hawaii?

    Bill wants interior shots. But stopped because I want help
    from Jose (one of the workers here at Spaulding) who has
    experience in Spectre watermaker setups.
    It has a lot of parts that need location experience. And what
    the hell is Ebb doing with a desalinater anyway?

    Had beautiful set of hard stern rail made to hang SunPower
    flex panels from. Hard rail to the cabin with new bling
    stanchions attached to the 'bulwark'.
    Been working with a genius down the street here to figure
    out how to hang the panels (create a light aluminum frame
    for each of four) from the tube rail, and allow the 110w
    panels to be aimed at the sun while balanced on a tube.

    And cohabitate the solar with an Epropulsion electric 9.9hp
    OB (HongKong). powered with 48v lithium. Look it up!
    They have produced the 9.9hp equivalent (motor in the
    water) electric/lithium 65lb OB that Torqeedo forgot.
    Torqeedo's Cruise series are trolling OBs, meant to go slow.
    epropulsion's Navy 6.0 can push a displacement sailboat
    with it's low pitch prop, but also plane an airboat with its
    high pitch. The OB is cheaper but the batteries aren't.
    $12,000 min.
    (dream-on McDuff..)

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    Winyah Bay, SC
    Hey Ebb -
    Yes, still living aboard, still have "Katie Marie" and though she's lain fallow for a few years while I've been living aboard larger boats, she's still and always my favorite, and I've been aboard her at least weekly in this meanwhile thinking dreaming plotting, trying to figure out how best to make her the "One and Only".
    To that end I'll be starting to put wood and resin back into her this month, the beginning of her resurrection. I'll post something up over in my thread about that soon.
    Looking forward to hearing more about Lil Gull!
    Kurt - Ariel #422 Katie Marie
    Small boats, long distances...

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