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Thread: Commander #38

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    Curmudeonery thinks it may be the angle of the pic BUT
    Commanders have no curve to their sheer.

    Photos invaribly show a georgeous curve.
    But it is Alberg's perfectly shaped hull and symmetry of deck that causes the illusion.
    Nobody else can do it.
    It's extraordinary.
    Never seen another straight sheer look anywhere near as alive and sexy.

    For contrast and confirmation there is a photoshop (oval ports) on a live Commander by Frenna,
    post#164 (last page) on the Daysailor Craze thread.
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    Unhappy Selling?

    Sorry to see Suzie Q go!
    Marriages and Morgages can't be denied.
    It was great to be here and see her sail
    and be part of the energy Your Commander
    benefited so much from.

    Bet you'll be looking for her again in a few years
    when there could be a new little sailor or two who
    need to go sailing in such a priceless boat.

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    I'm Back!

    Well, 4 years went fast... Never did end up selling, how could I...

    A lot has happened, but i'm finally ready to get her back in the water. Will be starting a recore of the foredeck, side decks, and parts of the cabin top immediately.

    The Plan
    - Recore (areas specified above)
    - Repaint decks
    - Re bed all deck hardware
    - new bottom paint
    - finish brightwork
    - and other misc. projects

    The Goal
    - Having her in the water at some point next season. (More of a reach goal, but i think possible...)

    Progress So Far:
    - Removed all the hardware and brightwork from the decks.

    Next Step
    - Remove top skin of deck from recore areas and scrape out rotten core.


    Will be posting progress and asking questions of you talented folks regularly.

    First question - the foredeck's bottom skin has a tear (see photo) where it looks like one of the previous owners had repaired the deck from the bottom. I'm guessing the tear was due to pressure on the deck from above, and a not so great adhesion of whatever materials used for the repair. My question is, do I repair this first, before removing the top skin? or, would it make more sense to repair from above after I carefully remove the core from the area?
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    What a pretty boat. Great shots

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    sanding? arrrgh!

    Mike, Screwed up my mast rehab, have to remove moisture cure urethane and failed WR-LPU.

    Can't deal with grinding stuff off anymore. Just stumbled onto this stuff.

    Just ordered this stripper from Rockler Woodworking & Hardware, 1-800-279-4441

    Soy-Gel TM Paint and Urethane Remover
    non-toxic , low VOC, work without gloves, without particle mask, bio-degradable,
    get it on yer hands no burn. Best use for soy beans I've ever seen!
    Wouldn't it be great if this is as fantastic as it sounds.

    Maybe you can get it to work overhead in the boat -- hold it on with seranwrap..

    Looks like the best stripper ever!
    Must be fairly new. Home internet site useless.
    There's a few YouTubes, gotta check it out!

    They have another, haven't researched it but there is an extensive YouTube
    showing bottom paint being removed from a 27footer, called Soy Stripper,
    Must be the same maker.

    Good luck!
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    Ebb, your soy stripper sounded familiar and something I thought Capt. Kurt of Ariel #422 used. I didn't find that, but instead he use a "citrus stripper" and gave his usual thorough pictorial how-to and review of the product starting at post #215 of his gallery thread: http://www.pearsonariel.org/discussi...8963#post18963
    PS. It still seems like he used the soy product - perhaps on his bottom? (Boat, that is... )
    PSS. Welcome back Michael!
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    Totoro (Sea Sprite 23 #626)

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    is not Citrus. The citrus requires a moonsuit and usual protective paraphernalia.

    Soy-gel you can work in your bathing suit. NON - TOXIC. I wouldn't eat it, though!

    Just thinking, can't imagine grinding the paint off on the underside of the forepeak,
    but, if you can reach in there with a very wet roller and lay on an 1/8" coat...
    a 4" bristle brush might be easier...
    then slap on some seranwrap (slows evaporation and creates surface tension)
    Come back later (accounts vary and have to take into account the age of the paint),
    and pull the plastic into a pail. And then I imagine, paper towels could be used to
    grab & scoop the gel. Then a sponge/scotchbrite pad to clean the surface with water.
    Well, of course, I can see using a Tyvek suit with a hood to keep yer hair parted...

    Viewing video: the Soy-Gel, after it has done its magic, seems to reduce the paint to
    gel, or a very similar material. making it simple to scoop/wipe the wet stuff away. imco

    That seems fairly easy, and if the stuff works as seen, a safe and sane way to remove
    paint. I'm sure there's a learning curve... as you see on the amazon comments for this
    product, there are a few cretans who don't get it. But there are others who recogonize
    what a godsend this stripper really is! ...If it is as they say. I'm a week out.
    Nobody local carries this stuff.
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    Ebb, thanks for the tip, it certainly sounds better than grinding paint and fiberglass for hours on end.

    I will be sure to post results if I use it!
    Mike E

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    Other commander 38. Can not post in my account. Trying another one.
    Asking what do I finish marine plywood with to be part of the hatch on my 38

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