Here's one for the books. Being the world's worst mechanic, I have been having my 2 stroke outboards professionally maintained according to the book since the late 80's. So, I was completely baffled when my motor died in the harbor after a day sail. After having rowed into the berth, I said the hell with sailing until the next day, when I replaced the plug and the engine fired right up. Unfortunately, I cross threaded the plug and screwed up the cylinder head. The plug that fouled was not stock, so I accused the mechanic of installing a cold plug. He told me it was a hot plug, and I had mixed my gas wrong. I said no way, since I had been mixing 2 stroke gas for over 20 years. Well he replaced the head, and I put that motor in the garage (I have 2), firing it up every 2 weeks.
4 starts later, the plug fouled. WTF! The recommended plug was in there - maybe the mechanic had a point.
So the question is what is a 50 to one mix? It consists of one ounce of oil to fifty of gas i.e. about 2.5 oz oil per gallon. However, I had an unopened bottle of Quicksilver brand outboard motor and an open bottle of West Marine"s oil on which I couldn't read the label. The Quicksilver label says for 50 to one, mix 3 oz per gallon. I followed the instructions and mixed 3 oz of West's oil into my gas and wound up with 2 fouled plugs. So, if you have a 2 stroke, be aware. The mechanic was right and I owe him an apology. 50 to 1 is 50 to 1 and I won't be using the Quicksilver brand again. Furthermore, if I seem confused, it's probably because I used to have a 100 to 1 mix Johnson.