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Thread: Commander 147

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    Iowa City, Iowa, soon to be Brunswick, Maine
    Hi, this is Tim. I am the new owner of Commander 147 "Destiny" and will be sailing her in the Brunswick, ME area. That will not happen until next season, once we get our house built up there. I would love to meet up with other owners along the Maine coast to share stories and adventures. I will be chartering a boat out of Bass Harbor from September 21-28, and will be in Rockland and Castine during the week. Jerry will be there too. If anybody is nearby and has an interest, it would be great to touch base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander 147 View Post
    Forward one is held in with wing nuts and the back one where I should not need to access is just screwed in.
    Has anyone kept the measurements for these dividers? I'd love to make them for my Commander (152 -- Friendship). I can, of course, measure, but it is awkward. If anyone has the measurements I would really appreciate them. I figure I can make one out of peg board.

    Here is the picture: http://www.pearsonariel.org/discussi...1&d=1371602193

    thanks, Mike

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