The annual Hoppe fun regatta is scheduled for Saturday, June 7. Come circumnavigate Angel Island (the direction is up to you).

START: The start - finish line is located off the Corinthian Yacht Club in Raccoon Strait. The race will start at 1300 hours (1:00 PM). (Prepatory signal 1250 hours, warning signal 1255 hours.) The power cruiser SOLSTICE is the committee boat.

COURSE: Sail around Angel Island in either direction.

FINISH: SOLSTICE - where you began.

CURRENTS: Be sure to check your tidal charts, they may be important to your strategy. Note too, that currents near Angel Island are 15 to 20 minutes after max at the Golden Gate. An old sailing adage is “hold to the beach.” Also, be aware of the major wind shadow behind Angel Island.

PROTESTS: No protests will be allowed. Rules of the road apply. First qualified boat to finish wins.

ALLOWANCES & HANDICAPS: No allowances for BBQ grills, TVs, excessive tool supplies or cruising gear.

AWARDS GATHERING: The regatta should end early enough to give everyone plenty of time to get to the 6:30 PM awards ceremony. Location will be either the Encinal YC or Alameda YC bars.

You are invited to attend the gathering whether or not you join the race. But, in ether case, please let us know your intentions and if you will need guest berthing. The final location will likely depend on the number attending.

More complete instructions will be mailed to Bay Area skippers -- if we have your correct address in the registry. . . (did you get the winter newsletter?).