Over the years I have posted on this board some of my experiences sailing on different waters around the country. I am sure I have credited my mentor Ernie Rideout many times for all that he has taught me. Well Ernie has taught me one more lesson, but this time it is not about sailing but about life. He has proven to me beyond approach that you are “as young as you feel” or better than that “You are as young as you act”.

I just got off the phone with Ernie (6 weeks before his 89) he told me he won the Santana 22 National Championship this weekend in Monterey CA. He sailed his boat to Monterey on Thursday. Then went out with the fleet on Friday for a tune up race. He won that. Saturday he sailed in three races and at the end of the day had an 8-point lead over the fleet. Sunday went out and took the first race. Then in a fit of glory missed timed the second race start and took the sterns of the whole fleet off the line. In true Ernie fashion he went to work driving his little boat and passed them all by the first weather mark.

I am the most fortunate person in the world to know and sail with this man. Some day I hope to able to get him to slow down enough so he can maybe talk on the site. After all he does have a little experience sailing Ariel and the little Electras.