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Thread: Ariel #414

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    Welcome Ben! Keep us posted on the gory details of the work you'll be doing. We eat that stuff up. Congrats on upgrading to such a great yacht!
    C-65 Lucky Dawg

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    A 414 Rudder Advice

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm starting to get my head around the list for A 414 - Mike's (MBD) old boat 'Sea Glass'. I've got a bunch of ideas and a a few big items that must be addressed and most of them I have a good idea how I want to tackle them. The rudder though is a different story.

    After reading what I can find here and elsewhere on the rudder I'm thinking this one is not as bad as it looks. There is not really anything that is soft except one spot in the center that I can cut out and fit a new piece of mahogany in with epoxy and some bronze rod. Also the shoe is perfect - no play between the shaft and shoe. The rudder to tiller connection is also good with a just barely noticeable amount of play. And Mike already did the upgrade to the delrin bushing and gave me a new o-ring too (he really is a great guy)!

    SO what would you do if this were your boat? I'm not afraid of pulling it and doing whatever will get me the most years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 414 View Post
    ...SO what would you do if this were your boat? I'm not afraid of pulling it and doing whatever will get me the most years.
    OH OH! You'll learn not to say something like that around here!

    Seriously though, a PO had previously encapsulated the rudder with expoxy/glass. It had long failed and I would just bottom paint it each year. I had been picking at it over the years to determine if the wood underneath was still solid.

    I'll now return to vicariously spectating. I am really looking forward to watching your progress. She is in good hands!
    Totoro (Sea Sprite 23 #626)

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