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  1. paulsproesser
    Thats funny Ben, Sorry its been a while since i've communicated on here but i have been looking. Glad Noesis made it safe through sandy did the mooring ball move at all? It was a non event again here thank goodness. Loved the Sienfeld Gervais video, that was pretty cool. Falling off the dinghy probably felt good in august. I feel sorry for the people that were impacted by the storm but I'll betcha theres a bunch that see it as a blessing .
  2. Ariel 109
    Hi Paul, thanks for the concern. Everything ended up being fine. Although I did fall off the dock accidentally on Saturday while tying up the dingy. Ben
  3. paulsproesser
    Hi Ben, Hurricane Irene is coming our way i plan to spend saturday nite with mine but you and the other guys in that area should get your boats out of the water if you can , I would hate to see your boats damaged after all the hard work , Im going to be in the red zone but you guys will be dead center good luck and i'll try to report on my experience before it hits you there, Paul. C5
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