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  1. Ariel242
    Hey Jerry, thanks for your post! My email is if you'd rather communicate that way.
    So the guy I got the boat from has boat stuff from all over the place and threw in a headsail that fit in the foretriangle, but doesn't really fit that boat unless I can make it a smaller yankee. I was looking around the internet for a few headsails that would work for the Ariel, and I see the hank-on sails in the 175-325 range for that size, and would definitely be willing to work something out with you if you are in that ballpark. 120-130-ish is what I'm really looking for, but would go for a package deal too; the more sails the more versatile I can be. Let me know what you have, and what you could do pricewise.

    Thanks again!
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