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    Hi Ebb, I"m reconditioning a Cal 20 and happened across this site when I was searching for accounts of using sanitred as a deck paint. There was a discussion some time back where you had raised the question. I've enjoyed your gallery and the account of your own reconditioning work. I'm not sure if you've decided on a deck paint... but maybe you have some input on Sanitred and the myriad other deck paints.
    I've been tearing out the headliner in the cabin and the supports under the seats which are plywood epoxied into shape/position for deck support. I've seen mention that you have used with success an inexpensive epoxy. I found the website you were directing traffic to but was unsuccessful at navigating the text-rich site. Which product did you use? Any place I can save money and not compromise the structure is essential.
    Thanks for your help. -Steven
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